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ChazeCloud is a scalable and flexible Salesforce solution team that meets the 360-degree Information technology and product development requirement of our clients across the globe. Founded in 2016, we are supported by an agile and responsive product development team, innovative technology, turn-key solutions, and an impending economic model.
Our services are a result of leading cloud computing solutions that include verticals such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Financial Service Cloud, IoT cloud, Integrations and uniquely implemented by thorough experience Design capability.

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Sales Cloud

Implementing Sales Cloud helps your business develop and move to the next level. With over 6 years of brand existence, we at ChazeCloud have helped several enterprises and businesses rank their leads, bridging the opportunity gaps, and helping them connect to the representative so they minimize odds and maximize the evens.

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Service Cloud

Through Service Cloud, our team of technical experts drives powerful insights about your clients and rationalizes the services along with prompt and smart sales and marketing struggles. Tools implemented by our team inspire your organization to construct resilient customer relationships, smart marketing, cohesive communities, prompt analytics, responsive apps, and useful IoT. Our service cloud offerings result in increased customer loyalty and help retains them

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Financial Service Cloud

One of the most useful service cloud deployed for meeting the specific need of the financial industry is the Financial Service Cloud. Built on the Salesforce Platform which functions both on B2B and B2C market segments , its primary target audience are clients from the Retail banking segments , wealth investors , Insurance property and casualty managements and Life and Annuities firms.

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App Cloud

App Cloud removes the extraneous burden of investing in dedicated servers, security systems, backup, and storage hardware, etc. and simply scales up the development and deployment reducing the overall cost of the application. If your clients are tired of working on the stretched process, we have a smart mission with engaging, bridged and scalable application that will help you create custom applications for your customer at ease

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The world applauded the revolutionized 360 degree paradigm shift with the introduction of cloud integration services,. It completely changed how business approached and integrated the battle against data silos. Needless to say, Cloud integration services offered humongous flexibility and scalable opportunities for various enterprises and organizations and helped them connect incongruent systems

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IoT Cloud

IoT cloud is pioneering, cutting edge technology that connects various Internet of Things directly with the Salesforce platform. It helps you build business guidelines with unpretentious, instinctual tools that aid in proactive engagement with internal and external clients in absolute real-time. We have been able to open doors for many businesses and help them achieve bottom-line yield by advanced business models, integrating effective procedures, and implementing smart and enhanced asset utilization.

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Keely Chapman


I cannot recommend chazecloud highly enough as in there is not enough recommendations for me to give as they are so good. They are an integral part of how we conduct business. Always available, prompt, reliable and extremely efficient, there is no problem I wouldn’t expect chazecloud to be able to to solve for us.

Chris White


Parker Lane has achieved unprecedented growth and won coveted national awards directly as a result of the innovations we have achieved with Chazecloud. With Chaze Cloud we have been able to create a fully customised loan management, lending origination and customer onboarding platforms and a bespoke CRM at a fraction of the cost of other implementation partners. Chazecloud has enabled us to build enterprise scale best in class systems at a fraction of the cost and outperform businesses 100 times our size. They are our secret weapon.



Team Chazecloud is enormously talented, they are very quick in finding solutions and implementing it. They are the real talent behind the success of my business. Specially Balkishan who has very good architectural and development skills in Salesforce. He is passionate about the work he takes over and deliver it with precision.

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